Mzansi Porn Is Becoming More Popular


What does Mzansi mean?

Basically, mzansi means ‘South’ in Zulu and Xhosa.  Most people use it to refer to the country of South Africa, so men looking for South African women will often search for Mzansi women, or Mzansi porn videos.

Where Can I Watch Mzansi Porn Videos?

When searching online, there are not a ton of offerings for beautiful black mzansi women.  Of course there is nothing like seeing a curvy black woman with a big booty getting pounded on camera, so men are bound to be looking for options and tube sites.  It;s a fairly niche offering, but with niche comes quality!  Tumblr is another great resource for mzansi sex, as users create streams of videos, gifs and hardcore photos for porn surfers to enjoy.

What About Celebrity Mzansi Videos?

With the likes of Khanyi Mbau and others, South African celebs are finding themselves in the spotlight for their sex scandals.  Much like other celebrity sex tapes, mzansi celebrities film themselves doing the dirty, and we get to benefit!