Was Miss Zimbabwe Trying to Mirror The Kim Kardashian Sex Scandal?


As you already may know, Miss Zimbabwe 2015 (Emily Kachote) was caught in a huge scandal that stunned the pageant industry. The African Beauty’s crown was taken away from her when her ex-boyfriend posted pictures of her getting down naked. Kachote said that she does not associate with “that guy” anymore, but will continue modeling.

Some skeptics of Kachote say that she was trying to follow in the steps of the Kim Kardashian sex video to become globally famous. In 2008 Kim Kardashian created a tape with her former lover Ray J (R&B singer) to get publicity as well. The video tape was “leaked” to the media by Kim and Ray J while they pretended that it was stolen from them. Vivid Entertainment was the lucky adult company to get the footage and they have reportedly made millions off of it. Of course, Kim K and her ex also received a huge paycheck from the company as well.

According to sources, Kachote thought that if she provided the media with a nude story that she would blow up like Kim did and make lots of money from it. They said she had the burning desire to be known more than just a pretty face in Africa, but also the world. So, the gossip goes that the whole scheme was planned out by her and the man who leaked her naked pics, but unfortunately for her the world didn’t react with the same as they did for Kardashian.

Now Emily is trying to build back her image by doing some modeling acts here and there, but huge companies will not pick her up because they don’t want her dirty reputation to ruin their’s. So far, only companies like Vivid want to off her gigs. Do you think she’ll take them? Will we see Miss Zimbabwe on the cover of Playboy one day? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…



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